Dining at the Dining Table


This may not be anything new for you, but in my house, it’s rare. Partly because it’s usually covered in my junk- purses, papers, mail, craft supplies, you name it. Partly because the TV doesn’t face the dining room. Sad, I know. This is my first post, so I won’t bore you with statistics about kids doing better in school & life when they eat dinner around a table with a family, etc, but I do know those things are true. I recognize that it’s good for my digestion, my stress, & my marriage. I also know that since for now it’s just myself & my husband, we tend to care less.

Over the weekend, even while on pain killers after dental work, I managed to clear off that table & even vacuum the floor. The stage was set. What happened last night was odd. I got home in time to cook dinner before J got home from work. We had errands to run last night, so we needed to eat promptly when he arrived. Somehow, I pulled that one off. I got the idea when I was passing the table with my glass of milk. It occurred to me, ‘We could EAT on that!’ I set the table. We ate dinner at the table with the windows open & the television off. The cat & dog didn’t know what to think!

My second epiphany of the evening was, “We should do this at least once, no, make it TWICE, a week.” J agreed, so we will now be eating at the table as little family we are on Monday & Thursday evenings. Feel free to ask me how this is going two months from now. In the mean time… your turn!